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Red Stag


- Red Stag guides start from the 1st of September to the end of December.

- 5 Days guiding recommended for Red Stags

- Airport pick up available

- Hunts are in Galway, Mayo & Donegal

- Golfing, Fishing, Horse Riding and Tour guides also available

- Contact us if accomodation assistance is needed

The Irish Red Stag, also known as the Celtic Red Deer, is a subspecies of the red deer that is found primarily in Ireland. It is a majestic and impressive animal, with a striking reddish-brown coat and large antlers that can grow up to a meter in length.

Red deer have been present in Ireland for thousands of years, and the Irish Red Stag is believed to be a distinct subspecies that evolved as a result of isolation from mainland Europe. They are well adapted to the rugged Irish landscape, which includes dense forests, open moorland, and rocky hillsides.

Irish Red Stags are a popular game animal and are hunted during the annual deer hunting season, which runs from September to February. However, they are also valued for their conservation status, and many efforts have been made to protect and preserve their habitat.

In recent years, there has been concern over the impact of hybridization with non-native red deer subspecies, which could threaten the genetic integrity of the Irish Red Stag. Conservation efforts are now focused on reducing the impact of hybridization and ensuring the long-term survival of this iconic Irish animal.

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