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- Fishing Guides are available all year round

- 3 Days guiding recommended for Ibex

- Airport pick-up available

- Fishing guides are in Mayo, Clare and Galway and Westmeath

- Golfing, Horse Riding and Tour guides also available

- Contact us if accomodation assistance is needed

Fishing is a popular activity in Ireland due to the country's abundant natural resources, which include numerous rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. The country is known for its diverse range of fish species, including salmon, trout, pike, perch, and sea bass, among others.

Anglers can participate in a variety of fishing styles in Ireland, including fly fishing, coarse fishing, and sea fishing. Many areas throughout the country offer fishing opportunities, including private fisheries, public waters, and charter boats.

To fish in Ireland, anglers must have a valid fishing license, which can be obtained from Inland Fisheries Ireland. It is also important to be familiar with Irish fishing regulations and to practice responsible fishing practices, including catch-and-release fishing and properly handling and releasing fish that are not being kept.

Overall, fishing in Ireland can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for anglers of all skill levels. The country's natural beauty and diverse range of fish species make it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts from around the world.

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