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Wing Shooting


- Wing shooting is all year round

- 3 Days guiding recommended for Wing Shooting

- Airport pick-up available

- Hunts are in Mayo, Clare and Galway

- Golfing, Fishing, Horse Riding and Tour guides also available

- Contact us if accomodation assistance is needed

Wing shooting in Ireland is a popular activity among hunting enthusiasts. The country offers a range of opportunities for game bird hunting, including pheasant, partridge, grouse, and woodcock.

There are several private estates and hunting clubs throughout Ireland that offer wing shooting experiences, typically from September to February when the game bird season is open. These estates and clubs often provide guides, dogs, and equipment for hunters, as well as accommodations and dining options.

To participate in wing shooting in Ireland, hunters must have a valid hunting license and be familiar with Irish hunting regulations. It is also important to practice safe and responsible hunting practices, including using appropriate firearms, handling game birds properly, and respecting the environment.

Overall, wing shooting in Ireland can be a rewarding and exciting experience for hunting enthusiasts, but it is important to plan ahead and ensure that all necessary preparations have been made.

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